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About commission me [COMMISSIONS CLOSED!!!]

Before you order, please make sure to have read my Terms of Service further down below. These terms and prices below apply to private/personal commissions only. The art can only be used for the client’s personal purposes, not for selling OR merchandise. For commercial use license please check POINT 8 on my ToS.

Once I have received your request by e-mail I will get back to you with an estimate of the final price which you then agree upon. If I can't take your commission for any reason I will let you know as well.

All prices below are base prices and include a single character. 

Things that might increase the price;

  • additional character;

  • complex details;

  • detailed background;

  • full armored characters;

  • special requests;


Custom made Emotes & Badges

Emotes & Badges Packs come with:

✔ Original PNG 500px

Twitch : (112px, 56px,  28px ) PNG files

✔ Discord (128px) PNG files


✔ YouTube (46px) PNG files

✔ For badges : (18px, 36px, 72px ) PNG files

No commercial license included

✔ Optimized for direct upload to Twitch / Discord

✔ It comes with transparent background



Simple sketches with or without flat color, from bust/portrait to fullbody, it can include a simple colored background.

Additional character +5€ / $6

USD $6-15

Colored Chibis - Simple

Fullbody simple color chibi style of your character, it can come with or without background, buyers choice.

Additional character +17€ / $20

USD $25

Detailed Chibis - Complex

Fullbody detailed color chibi style of your character, it can come with or without background, buyers choice.

Additional character +17€ / $20
Additional pet / accessory +5€ / $8

USD $55


A portrait/bust commission crops the character around the neck/shoulder area depending on the individual character.

A simple background themed to the character comes with a portrait commission.

Additional character +10€ / $11

50$ USD


A half-body illustration shows the character from the hip/knee-area and up. Half-body characters come with background if you wish. Highly detailed background may increase the price.

Additional character +20€ / 22$

70$ USD


A simple fullbody shows the character's entire body and includes only a very simple or no background at all.​

Additional character +15€ / $17

USD $90

FULLBODY - Complex

A detailed fullbody commission may include actioning poses, detailed backgrounds, and advanced lighting.

Additional character +25€ / $28

USD $120

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